Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Southern Guam: Merizo


Here are a few spots found in Merizo. I didn’t take a picture but Merizo is also home of Merizo Pier. From there you can see Cocos Island in full length. Guided tours to the resort on Cocos Island leave from the dock. I’ll update this post with more pictures from Merizo next time I go.


The Merizo Bell tower (Kampanayum Malesso) shown here, was constructed in 1910 under the direction of Father Cristobal de Canalas to help raise the standard of living for the people of Merizo village. The tower was constructed with stone and cement and the bell was used to announce religious events, town meetings and mass. Although no longer in use today, it has been maintained and is a well known landmark to visit when in the Southern part of Guam. (Source: Guam Portal).


Above is San Dimas church. Across the street you will find the picturesque statue of Our Lady of Camarin, the patron saint of Guam.


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