Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Southern Guam: Inarajan


This is my first post in what I’d like to call the “Southern Guam Series.” One of the first things we did in Guam was take a drive around the island. (Really, it doesn’t take that long). You can really appreciate the quietness and serene beauty of Guam here. It is much different than the busy city-like streets of Tumon (and actually, I prefer it!) And best of all, it is free! You won’t find big name stores or restaurants here.

These pictures are from Inarajan pools. It may be a little busy depending on the day (usually the weekends). People come here to barbeque and wade in the azure pools. Check out these beautiful pictures!


There is a bathroom at the beach here, but the stalls have no doors and there is no toilet paper, so just be prepared.

Inarajan Pools

South of Inarajan Elementary School

Route 4 Inarajan Guam 96915

Hours: 24 hours

Stroller accessible: yes (outdoors)

changing table: no

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