Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Chamorro Village Night Market



If you would like to experience lots of local cuisine, art and giftware, I suggest you go to the Night Market at Chamorro Village!

Chamorro Village has a lot of restaurants and shops that are open during the week, but it is best known for its night market. Vendors and restaurants open their stores and set up booths for easy access to great food and shopping! This is a very popular place for tourists too, so expect it to be crowded! Also, make sure you bring cash, a lot of the stands are cash only though most of the brick and mortar stores do accept credit.

Above you can see a long line (that I stood in twice!) for some local BBQ. This place, Kris BBQ was my favorite. All the booths will have similar food so it is hard to choose! When in doubt, go in the longer line, the food is probably great! I also suggest skipping the “meal plates” and getting stuff on a stick. Much easier to walk around with since there is limited to no seating. You will see a lot of tourists squatting somewhere random to eat their food!


Like I said, the market will be crowded. If you want to avoid the crowd, I suggest going early. I think the booths start setting up at 1630. You can walk around at your leisure and leave when the hustle and bustle begins.


Local music also fills the air much like the smoke from all the BBQ!


There are other Night Markets on Guam, but the one in Chamorro Village is the most popular.

Chamorro Village Night Market

Paseo Loop off Marine Corps Drive. Hagatna ,Guam

Wednesdays: 1730-2130

Stroller Accessible: Yes (outdoors)

Changing Table: No

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