Saturday, September 27, 2014

Oishi! Japanese Curry House



Oishi! Japanese Curry House serves Japanese style curry. Simple, inexpensive and delicious, this restaurant is very much like some of the curry houses I had while in Misawa, Japan. Just choose your style of curry, how spicy you want it and any extra toppings you would like.



I often opt for my favorite, pork katsu (fried) curry. This is a little, cozy spot and like many fast food restaurants in Japan, they have manga available to browse through.

DSCF2004                     DSCF2007DSCF2008

“Oishi” is Japanese for delicious and the curry here is simply that! This is a great place for a quick bite and one of my favorite places to go to on Sunday when many other restaurants on island are closed.

Oishi! Japanese Curry House

Address: Star Building, N. Maine Corps Drive Ste. 114, Tamuning 96319

Hours: Lunch: 1130-1400 Dinner: 1800-2100   Closed on Wednesdays

phone: 671-647-4448 (OISHI4U)


highchair: yes

changing table: no

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Chatime 日出茶太



Chatime is located in Agana Shopping Center next to Payless Supermarket. It is a café specializing in what many call “bubble” or “boba” tea which is a Taiwanese based tea (most commonly added with large, chewy tapioca pearls) invented in Taichung in the 1980s. There are quite a few places to get this type of tea on the island, but Chatime is our favorite for its authentic flavor and variety of drinks offered. The company has over 1,000 stores worldwide, so they must be doing something right!


DSCF1984If you have never had bubble tea before (and even if you have) choosing what to drink can seem a bit daunting. The menu is divided into milk teas, fruit teas, pop (popular) teas, smoothies and coffee. They have blended drink options as well.

First, choose what size (regular or large) and type of tea (or other drink) you would like, add your topping (pearl, grass jelly, pudding, coconut jelly, coffee jelly, red bean or rainbow jelly), sugar percentage (0%, 30%, 80% or regular), how much ice you would like (none, less, regular) and whether you want it hot or cold.

If it is your first time having bubble tea, I recommend pearl milk tea. Our favorites are Jasmine or Tieguanyin tea with tapioca pearls, 50% sugar and less ice.


Chatime has also added food items to their menu! They have  paninis, wraps,  chicken wings, waffles, French fries, lumpia , funnel cake and assorted desserts.


Also, your bubble tea will come in a cup with a sealed plastic top. Just punch your straw (which is big enough for the tapioca pearls to go through, if you choose to get them) through the top and enjoy!

Cha means tea in Chinese. I love tea and Chatime is teatime anytime!

ChaTime 日出茶太

Address: Agana Shopping Center

302 South Route 4 O'Brien Drive 4

Hagåtña, 96910, Guam

Phone: 475-2828

Hours: Sun-Thurs: 1000-2100

           Fri-Sat: 1000-2200


stroller accessible: yes

highchair: no

changing table: yes (bathrooms inside Agana Shopping Center).

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Frost Bite



Guam is hot. In fact, it is sticky, sweltering hot. So we often try to find a nice cool oasis, and Frost Bite is it!


The menu here is quite vast as they offer crepes, roti buns, lava cakes, Japanese cheesecakes, s’mores cookies, Japanese honey toast, yogurt smoothies, crème freeze, frappes, teas and coffee. But the REAL reason we go… is for the shaved ice or “snow ice.”

Now this is not a 7-11 Slurpee, or a slushee, or even a snow cone. This is the crème de la crème of icy treats. Move over popsicles and frozen yogurt, because snow ice has hit Guam!

This type of shaved ice (Taiwanese style) differs from other “ice” desserts in that it is fluffy, velvety and luxurious. And like a frozen yogurt bar, after you have chosen what flavor ice you would like, you can choose your toppings or you can choose one of the signature snow ice and the flavors and toppings are already included.



So the next time you are feeling weary from the Guam heat, stop by Frost Bite and tell ‘em Mama sent you!

Frost Bite


340 Pale San
Vitores Road, Ste 103, Ypao Plaza
Tumon.  Across from Ypao Beach.

Phone: 671-647-2483



Mon - Sat  10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Sun 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM

highchair: no

changing table: no

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pika’s Café




One of the first places I think of when someone wants to eat local cuisine is Pika’s Café. This quaint spot located in Tumon is busy every time we go and for good reason! Pika’s has a breakfast and lunch menu full of local dishes. Each entrée is not just made but crafted. Oftentimes customers’ input help tweak unique dishes into perfection. DSCF1867DSCF1868

Though the backs of the staffs’ shirts say to “Eat Local” you are also encouraged to “buy local” here. The café offers Guam greeting cards, coffees, organic honey, jams and also has gift baskets available during the holiday season. They also feature local artists and you will see different painting, photographs or other crafts displayed and available for purchase at the front of the restaurant.


Pictured above is what we ordered last time we dined at Pika’s. On the left is the salmon tinaktak and on the right is Peter’s Bootcamp Burger which was the winning dish in Pika’s Dream Sandwich Contest back in August. $1 was donated to the Wounded Warrior Project for every sandwich sold. Unfortunately, this delightful sandwich was only available for a limited time! We also paired our lunch with a unlimited tea from their unlimted tea and tang list. You can choose whatever flavor you like, and if you aren’t sure, or just feeling adventurous,  ask the staff to surprise you!

Pika’s Café

Address: 888 N. Marine Corps Drive, Star Building, Tumon, GU

phone: 671-647-7452

Hours : 0730-1500 Mon-Sat

highchair?: yes

changing table?: no

Monday, September 8, 2014

Captain Kid Café



Captain Kid Café is a great little spot for a bite to eat! The décor is full of vintage Air Force and Aviation signs and other paraphernalia. Several entrees, panini, wraps and soup are available at really great prices! They also offer shakes, hot and cold coffee and teas. We like to go for the arroz caldo (also known as congee or rice porridge).

DSCF1881DSCF1882DSCF1885DSCF1889DSCF1890arroz DSCF1887DSCF1888

Captain Kid Café

Address: Suite 1 Sateena Mall

Dededo, Guam 96912

Hours: Weekdays 0600-2100

           Weekends: 0400-2100

phone: 671-637-2278


Stroller accessible: yes

changing table: no

highchair: yes

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fizz & Co.


GuamTrip 06122014 007

Some days you may just wish to go back to simpler times when folks wore poodle skirts, saddle shoes and varsity jackets. To cool off 50’s style and maybe grab some grub while you are at it, hop on in to Fizz & Co. and you’ll be made in the shade!


Fizz & Co. offers an array of flavored sodas at their soda fountain, ice cream, Nathan’s hot dogs, and paninis.  Eating here is like casting yourself in a role in Grease, American Graffiti or Happy Days. And if the bright red barstools and vintage signs don’t put you in a nostalgic mood, the music definitely will! So why not sip on a signature soda and chow down on a Nathan’s hotdog while contemplating who did put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp?

Nathan's             DSCF1379DSCF1377

Recently, Fizz & Co. was used as one  the many backdrops on Guam  for J-Pop Band NMB48’s music video “Ibiza Girl.”

Ibiza Girl

Fizz & Co.

143 San Nicolas Bldg.

Hagatna, GU

phone: 671-477-FIZZ (3499)


hours: Mon-Th: 1000-1900

          Fri-Sun: 1000-2000

stroller accessible: yes

changing table: no

highchair: no

Saturday, September 6, 2014

McKraut’s Bar & Restaurant



McKraut’s Bar & Restaurant is located on Route 4 in Malojloj, Guam. They offer German food like Jägerschnitzel, Bavarian Beef Goulash and Schweinehaxe along with other fast food such as hamburgers, hot dogs and wings. What keeps us going back, however, is their Smoked Bratwurst and onion rings!  As stated on the menu “Not Healthy, But Tasty!”


The restaurant also has a bar which carries German and other brews. If you see a man behind the bar in lederhosen, that would be the owner, Ludwig Uhmeyer. If you are in southern Guam I recommend trying McKraut’s!

McKraut’s German Restaurant

Malojloj, Route 4, Guam

Phone: 671-828-4248


Monday-Friday: 1100-2130

Saturday: 1200-2200

Sunday: 1200-2100

stroller accessible : yes (really not needed, though).

changing table: no

highchair: yes

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Southern Guam: Umatac






Guam Veteran’s Memorial
Overlooking the  hillsides of Umatac is a memorial dedicated to the seventy-four Chamorro men who died in the Vietnam War (a per capita rate three times the national average).  The park was developed by the Guam Women’s Club in 1971 and is a popular stop for tourists. A special Mass is held at the site each Memorial Day.

Nearly 4,000 of Guam’s young men served in Vietnam, earning an extraordinarily high number of medals for their heroism under fire and wounds received in action. Pacific Islanders have served willingly and with great patriotism in American wars. Most were not even born U.S. citizens, a designation bestowed upon the people of Guam only by virtue of the 1950 Organic Act.

Guam also played a significant role throughout the Vietnam War by providing a medivac station for the critically wounded; serving as a forward attack base for B-52 bombers; a processing center for more than 100,000 refugees after the fall of Saigon in 1975; as the first U.S. soil reached by flights repatriating remains of MIAs and as a “Rest and Recuperation” area.



This is Umatac Bridge, constructed with two towers reminiscent of London Bridge. The bridge dates not back to the Spanish times, as visitors often assume, but to the 1980s under the helm of Governor Ricardo J. Bordallo. (Source: Guampedia) The gate to the stairs for the bridge is locked and cannot be used. Behind the bridge I saw some carabao grazing and this one was taking a bath. Hello!



After the bridge, the road runs uphill, where visitors can turn off into a small park to see the ruins of Fort Nuestra Senora de la Soledad (commonly referred to as Fort Soledad),constructed to protect the bay from pirates and other European explorers. This is a wonderful place to watch the sunset and sometimes carabao rides are offered.  Mt. Lam Lam can also be viewed from the ruins. South of Umatac is the village of Merizo.