Wednesday, August 14, 2013

15th Annual Gupot Y Peskadot (Fishermen’s Festival)


Sunday we went to the Fishermen’s Festival at the Guam Fishermen’s Co-op.


The dance group Guma Rasan Acho Latte were a delight to the festivities and performed cultural dances which chronicled the history of Guam while singing in Chamorro.




There were several  booths selling plants, goods from local artisans, baked goods and books. I purchased Chamorro Heritage: A Sense of Place (Guidelines, Procedures and Recommendations for Authenticating Chamoro Heritage) . The book had until recently been sold out.


Several  signs were hung up around the festival, each one describing a Chamorro value and would like to share them with you:

Kustumbren Manchamorro (Chamorro Values)


Generosity: Be willing to share and give what you have to others


Cooperation: Work willingly with others toward a common goal


Acceptance: Be willing to understand and appreciate qualities in others


Respect: Always remember to show others consideration, admiration and honor


Friendship: Accept, share and enjoy the companionship of others


Responsibility: Always be someone others can depend on.

Måolek Kotdura

Good Judgment: Make wise choices on what you know is right


Compassion and Caring: Try to understand how others feel and act on those feelings with care and concern

Hulat Maisa

Self-Control: Work hard to control your thoughts and behavior

Na ha na’yan manu para u kanno’. Isao I despetdisiu.

Take only what you can eat. To waste is a sin.


Perseverance: Keep working hard to reach your goals even when it gets difficult


Courage: Stand strong for your beliefs and do what’s right even when others disagree


Honesty: Be sincere, truthful, trustworthy and loyal in all that you do and say


As with any festival, there was plenty of food! (Some of which was free!)


And of course, there were $3 carabao rides. Doesn’t it look like fun? This beast was such a sweet thing!

To learn more about rules and regulations for fishing on Guam and events, please visit these websites:

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