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Hafa adåi and welcome to Guam, where America’s day begins! We just moved here from Misawa, Japan and travelled with two cats, a 5 month old and all our luggage!

I hope you will find this blog useful. Guam is catered to tourists and though I will put some “touristy” things in here, I hope to do more than that. (Because let’s face it, shopping at the Tiffany’s and Louis Vuitton every day just isn’t practical…) This blog is for those of you who will be staying here long term (a year or more) and looking for things to do and restaurants to try. And for parents with young children, I will do my best to note whether certain places are stroller friendly, and if their restrooms have changing tables.  Most importantly, I hope to illustrate the beauty and cultural richness of this little island.

Whenever you move to a new place you will hear bad things about it. No doubt you will hear of typhoons, lizards, frogs and brown tree snakes on Guam. But remember, there is a lot of good, especially if you are willing to go out and look for it.

I’m looking forward to my adventures here and hope to find a lot to share with you.  Before I go, I will leave you with a few websites I find helpful for those coming to Guam for the first time.

The Guam Guide

Guam Humanities Council

Department of Chamorro Affairs

Guam Visitor's Bureau

Guam Food Guy (This website is a little outdated, some of the restaurants are no longer in business and prices have changed on pretty much all of the menus)

Asta i biråda. See you around!

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